Strikeone Inc was set up in 2009 as a diversified Canadian company with offices in Bangladesh and India, servicing all tiers and trade channels of distribution for the clothing fashion industry.

The Advantage

All Brands and Retailers who have worked with us have an advantage of multi-faceted services like

  • Product and design development
  • International Fabric and Material sources
  • Commercial Logistics Solution/Door Delivery
  • Working only with Socially Compliant vendors
  • Quality Control Processes
  • Price Management/Commercial Solutions
  • Vendor/Factory Evaluation
  • Customization Service

20+ years experience in the Apparel Industry

Our Finesse

Over our years of evolving in the industry, we have found our niche in producing high quality products at competitive pricing.



boys and girl

Boys and Girls

Woven Shirts │ Bottoms │ Knit Tees │Sweaters │ Dresses │Blouses │ Sleepwear │Lounge wear │ Underwear │ Swimwear │Active Wear


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